Traditional Flagwaving

Flagwaving is series of coordinated movements with flags. The flagwavers need to master flexibility and suppleness for this outstanding play.

In the Brabant folklore in 1923 was flagwaving with one only hand.

But in Namur, around the year 1945, it's with two hands that we waved the flags. They were too heavy to throw them in spectacular manners like others groups did with less big flags. The power of this traditional flagwaving was the ability, the strongness and the group effect.


But since 2007 the flags are thrown in different manners and a new form of flagwaving is born.


New Flagwaving

A new choregraphy was born in 2007, which was influenced by tradition and meetings with homologous groups.

New Flagwaving is enhanced by throwing techniques, position and place changes and by more coordinated movements.